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Automation Engineering of Software

This division is responsible for developing automated instructions that allow us to deliver adaptive, persistent and predictive threat intelligence during any threat hunting campaign. Leveraging AI/ML affords us the ability to be agile and adaptive in our objectives.

Speed and adaptability drives the domain that we operate in. Cyber threats happen within milliseconds. Most threat actors combine several kill chain steps that are combined into one action. A new malware is created every hour and is at the disposal of any threat group in the wil

It is impossible to keep a human watching monitor 24/7. The use of AI/ML allows us to see behaviors in other systems and
networks that would be impossible for a human to capture and then analyze to execute an effective plan of attack.

Every area of our business is connected to automation. For us to be successful every time, we need to know what the adversary is doing before the threat becomes a problem for our clients. AI/ ML allows us to remain in an offensive posture to hunt and not reacting to threats when we detect them.

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