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Cryptanalysis Division

This division supports our overall objective to provide coverage for all clients and interest to counter cyber-threats. There are threats that exist in dark networks. There are conversations that take place between cyber-terrorist groups shrouded in encryption. In summary, we have identified this to be a clear and present danger to our clients and our interest,

Understanding these conversations in the dark web is virtually impossible. So this division analyses traffic within these encrypted networks to understand threats to our interest. We capture this data
and feed it into our custom built proprietary big data solution in concert with industry leading threat analysis and correlation tools at which point we map known intelligence from several threat intelligence data sources to predict an imminent attack

This allows us to be persistent in our abilities to monitor these networks for any threats, that pose or currently exist within our area of responsibility, and that we have determined to present a clear and present danger to our clients and interest 24/7/365

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